Can Black People Get Lice?

 Lice are scarcely noticeable wingless creepy crawlies that plague an individual's head, body, or pubic region. They spread effectively from one individual to another by close contact and shared dress and other individual things. Three types of lice occupy various pieces of the body. Head lice and pubic lice live straightforwardly on the individual, while body lice live on attire and bedding. A wide range of lice pervasion happens around the world can black people get lice .  Head lice Head lice invade the hair and scalp. The invasion is spread by close-to-home contact and perhaps by shared brushes, brushes, caps, and other individual things. Friction-based electricity or wind might discharge lice from hair. Head lice are generally normal among young ladies matured 5 to 11 however can influence nearly anybody. Head lice are more uncommon in blacks. There is no relationship between head lice and helpless cleanliness or low financial status. Pubic lice ("crabs"), which prin
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